Millionaire Within – The Book Every Marketer Needs To Read

This is the book every Internet Marketer NEEDS to read!
It contains more actionable takeaways and ah-ha moments
than most courses that cost hundreds of dollars!

Millionaire Within was written by E. Brian Rose, co-founder
of JVZoo. It shows EXACTLY how he went from stumbling upon
a chat forum about online marketing to building a multi-
million dollar empire – and everything in between!

It’s the ultimate duplicatable case study!

He is offering a special launch package that includes tons
of extras, including personal coaching from EBR himself…

All for the price of one book!

Get this book NOW (includes instant access to the digital copy)

Here’s what EBR has stuffed into this package…

– Millionaire Within – a physical copy of the book delivered
straight to your doorstep.

Millionaire Within– Instant access to the digital copy of the book, readable on
any PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, or any device that has a browser.

– Live & On Demand Training – You are going to be registered for
a live training session where EBR will show you how to build authority
in any niche and quickly build a huge tribe of followers. These are
the exact tactics he uses and the exact training others have paid
hundreds of dollars to learn from him! No need to be there live,
as the training will be available indefinitely on demand!

– Personal Coaching Attention. You will get 6 months access to
E. Brian Rose via the Millionaire Within Ask Me Anything Forum.
EBR will personally answer your questions about tactics you’ve learned
in the book, the live training or anything about your business. This
is invaluable and unprecedented! You can’t put a price on it!

This package is only available during this launch phase!


This is the ultimate duplicatable case study for any online entrepreneur!

Get it now!

—————— The Sales Funnel ——————

FRONT END – The front end contains a physical copy of the book (delivered straight to your door), instant access to the digital copy of the book, admission to a two hour live Expert Fame training webinar (available on demand after), and six months personal access to E. Brian Rose via the Millionaire Within Ask Me Anything Forum.  The price is just $37.

UPSELL ONE – During the live training, members will be offered an amazing package that includes the exclusive Expert Fame WordPress Theme, the Expert Fame One Sheeter Template, training and form templates for acquiring media interviews, a database of just about every producer and host of radio and TV talk shows in the country, and a huge database of bloggers for hire, including ones that will get you into Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and more!  The price is $197.

UPSELL TWO – A five week mastery course that includes guest instructors who are experts in building tribes, getting media attention, and manipulating ads on FaceBook and Twitter.  The price is $497.


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